Your honest resource to what life is like traveling abroad.

Follow my adventures and experiences as I travel across Europe while living in Florence, Italy. With updates at least once a week, I will share what it’s like to live in a different country from the perspective of an American student, female traveler, and twenty-something individual.

Throughout my blog, you’ll read about the people I meet, the places I visit, the things I learn, and everything else in between. My photographs and videos will capture what I can’t explain with words. The stories I write about include the up’s and down’s of my travels to keep my blog honest and realistic, because traveling is about more than collecting only the positive moments. It’s about the whole journey.

I hope my stories and experiences inspire your life of travel. I hope someday you can take my advice, learn from my mistakes, create your own adventures, and go see the world for yourself.

About Me

I’m Ali and I am a junior at Iowa State University studying Marketing and Advertising. I am set to graduate in May of 2018, which is coming up way too quickly if you ask me. At this time in my life, I am unsure where my future will take me. That’s why I’m traveling now – a young professional, still in college, with little responsibilities.

This semester I will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy and traveling around Europe for four months. I chose to study abroad because, as someone who has only been to six states and one territory of the United States, I am passionate about experiencing another part of the world. I’m hopeful my future has many opportunities for travel, and I’m fortunate to be able to begin my adventures in Italy.

I hope you enjoy reading about my time abroad. Feel free to follow my other social accounts and/or sign up to receive an email whenever I post. I also encourage you to leave your questions and comments, as it will help me improve my blog and reassure me that I’m doing a good job documenting my trip!